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Welcome to Dayz Survival

Welcome to Dayz Survival

Dayz 1.0 is live, finally!

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Things are going to change

Things are going to change

We plan to host multiple Dayz servers including community managed servers.

Think you can do better?

Think you can do better?

Host you're own Dayz Survival server. Coming soon...

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Get a premium account today and gain full access to VIP server slots and VIP lounge.

VIP members have access to Dayz Survival devs to help shape or servers.

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    Dayz 1.0 is here. 

    All of our servers have been updated and we have increased our max player limit to 80.

    Happy hunting all.

    EU Server #1


    US Server #1



    Welcome to DayZ Survival

    DayZ Survival is a role playing community for the post-apocalyptic PC game DayZ.

    Dayz Survival offers a completely new experience compared to regular, public servers. Designated KoS zones allows you to establish yourself on our servers without always looking over your shoulder. Immersive interactions between players, active forums, groups and factions, settlements and in game events are just a few features of our community.

    We welcome all kinds of players, both veterans and beginners. We try to uphold a high standard of rules, therefor anyone found not following the rules may be banned. To those who become part of our community we offer high quality servers, fair rules and a dedicated staff team ready to help with any issues.

    If that sounds interesting, head over to the newcomer guide for a detailed introduction to the community and instructions on how to get started.