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  5. Hi, I just started Dayz and I was happy that on these servers we have the opportunity to make friends and at least talk during peace days but that does not happen at all. it is KOS al the time. So what is the point of having this if they keep killing us on sight even when I saw it first and I did not engage? For that we have the official servers where there are no rules. it is a shame, I do believe that this server could be the best if the rules were followed.
  6. How to post your idea for consideration: Summery: A brief description of your idea References: Any servers that currently use your idea or the location of the mod files. Benefits: Why would players like your idea?
  7. Our DayZ Standalone server has arrived and is running the Beta 0.63 experimental branch. We are hosting the server ourselves meaning we (this community) are masters of our own destiny. If you would like to add a mod or make a change to our server(s) post a comment in the Ideas Factory forum. The fist server IP address is: found here. Welcome to Dayz Survival – built by Dayz player for Dayz players. Happy hunting.
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