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Welcome to Dayz Survival

Welcome to Dayz Survival

Dayz 1.0 is live.

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Things are going to change

Things are going to change

We host multiple Dayz servers including modded servers with traders.

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Think you can do better?

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    Dayz Survival RP Server Rules

    1.      Our main rule and server philosophy is pretty simple - Don’t be a dick! - This is the most important rule on the server and applies everywhere on the map and especially in the safe zones. Examples of being a dick include:

    2.      Racist, sexist or homophobic language of any kind!

    3.      Malicious baiting - Abusing another player’s kindness in order to kill them. This is not allowed unless as part of a roleplay in which all players in the situation are involved.

    4.      Being rude/ hostile to people in the safe zones because they cannot kill you.

    5.      These examples of behaviour will get you banned permanently!

    6.      Combat logging is not allowed! Combat logging is defined as logging out within 10 minutes of an engagement. If there is a connection issue report it to administrators and we can review / unban if needed.

    7.      Remember, although KOS is allowed in specified areas, Rule 1 still holds! Don’t be a dick!

    8.      Advertising other servers/TeamSpeak/discord/communities Advertising other communities/servers is rude and disrespectful, a lot of hard work goes into running and maintaining this server, anyone doing so will likely be banned from the server, forums and TeamSpeak at an Admin's discretion.

    Safe-zone Rules

    1.      There are 2 safe zones on the map currently - Green Mountain and Skalisty Island (Skalisty Island is also an RP only Zone) These are places for people on the server to meet and trade and must be kept friendly!

    2.      Killing is not allowed in the safe zones at any time for any reason! If someone is being a dick come onto TS and speak to an admin. DO NOT take matters into your own hands, you will end up with a ban.

    3.      The Green mountain safe zone begins at the tree line which goes around the bottom of green mountain, once a person is in this area you may not kill them for any reason. Camping the start of the tree line is not allowed!

    4.      The Skalisty Island safe zone (RP Zone) covers the entire area from the shorline opposite the island and extends around the Island in all directions as marked below on the map, as with Green Mountain camping the tree line overlooking the shoreline is not allowed!

    5.      Grenades are banned from safe zones! Do not bring Grenades to the safe zone!

    6.      Stealing tents from Green Mountain or Skalisty Island is strictly forbidden. This will get you a permanent ban!

    7.      Do not use the safe zones for any kind of hostile action!

    8.      Skalisty Island is not only a safe zone it is a strict RP zone, all the usual RP rules and etiquette need to be strictly observed in this area, and anyone failing to RP here will either be asked to leave or possibley even removed from the server depending on behaviour.



    1.      Hostages! - You can never kill a complying hostage. If the hostage poses no threat to you and has complyed with your requests you can not kill the hostage even on a KOS day.

    Kill-on-Sight (KoS) Rules

    1.      Bandit days! - There are currently three bandit days a week on the server. You may kill on sight anywhere on these days with the exception of the Safe Zones! These are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Be careful, it’s a bloodbath out there.

    2.      Friendly Days! Mondays, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday are Friendly days. KOS is restricted to KOS areas. Role-play is welcome and encouraged! Killing on sight is not allowed outside of the KOS areas! You must approach players and interact with them before shooting. You cannot kill a person who complies with your demands if you are outside a KOS zone!

    3.      KOS Areas! There are parts of the map where you can kill on sight no matter what day of the week it is. The Cities where KOS is allowed are Cherno, Electro, Berezino, Novy/Stary Sobor and Zelenogorsk. All military bases and chopper crashes are also KOS. You may engage if you are both within 200 metres of the crash site.

    4.      Even during bandit days, we encourage player interaction and we reserve the right to label inappropriate engagements as being a Dick.


    1.      Our TeamSpeak address is dayzsurvival.com. This is a public TS server for everybody to use! Feel free to come online and chat to the [Dayz Survival] Clan or just use the channels for you and your group to play in.  

    1.      Be respectful to other players and admins! Remember server rule number one, Don’t be a dick!

    2.      Use the same name in TS as you use in game! This includes clan tags!

    3.      Use the TS to report rule-breakers and cheaters!

    2.      Donations

    3.      By donating you understand and agree with the following:

    1.      Your donation is made voluntarily therefore all donations are final, we will not issue refunds.

    2.      Donations are solely used to pay for our monthly operating fees, this includes the Game servers, Web hosting, Forums and Teamspeak.

    3.      If you dispute your payment your account(s) will be locked/banned, this includes your forum account, in order to resolve this contact an Admin on Teamspeak.

    4.      Donating does not exclude you from the server rules or their punishment. If you are found guilty and you are punished you will not receive a refund




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